Wall Street Journal: Israel is considering flooding the Gaza Strip’s tunnels with seawater


The Israeli army has completed the placement of at least five pumps about a mile north of the Beach refugee camp, which can move thousands of cubic meters of water per hour and flood the tunnels used by Hamas under the Gaza Strip in an attempt to extract its fighters within weeks.

The Wall Street Journal quoted US officials as saying that Israel had set up a large system of pumps that could be used to flood the tunnels.

The report stated that it wasn’t clear whether Israel would consider using the pumps before releasing all the hostages.

Hamas previously said it hid hostages in safe places and tunnels.

The US official said that it makes sense for Israel to work to make the tunnels unusable and that it’s exploring a range of ways to do so.

The Wall Street Journal said that an Israeli army official declined to comment on the plan to flood the tunnels, but quoted him as saying, “The IDF is working to remove Hamas’ terrorist capabilities in various ways, using various military and technological tools”.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Israel informed the United States of that option for the first-time last month, and stated that officials don’t know how close Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is to implementing the plan.

It quoted officials as saying that Israel hadn’t made a final decision to move forward with the plan or rule it out.

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