Voltaire Network: Israel’s involvement in the war against Syria

According to the US journal Foreign Policy, since 2013, Israel has probably paid 75 dollars per month to several thousands of fighters during the war against Syria.

From August 2014, the Hebrew State has probably also sent arms through three passageways along the boundary.

This military aid would have been twice as much as humanitarian aid. However, Israel would have cut off support in July 2018 pursuant to an agreement made with Russia stipulating that Iranian troops withdraw to 50 miles (80 km) from the dividing line.

This information confirms what we have said all along. But it is a much diluted version of what is happening on the ground:

The Israeli support for the jihadists against Syria began before these events took place.

Thus the first military operation against Syria was in Daraa (on Al Omari mosque), on 18 March 2011, and was executed by Israeli officers.

This ended with the capture of the Intelligence Center tasked with keeping a beady eye on the Golan which Israel was occupying.

Israel had organized for Al Qaeda to occupy the zone of demarcation which had been entrusted to the UN Force for the Observance of the Line of Demarcation, in August 2014, so that they could transport heavy weapons to Syria more easily.

In July 2016, the United States and Russia had reached an agreement to jointly file a draft resolution with the UN Security Council to demand Israel to abandon its support to Al Qaeda and to re-establish the UN Blue Helmets.

Right at the last minute, the Pentagon blocked this draft resolution (which had been filed under UN reference S/2014/437).

The “humanitarian support” included the medical care for more than 300 Al Qaeda fighters at the Ziv Medical Center where the Prime Minister was filmed congratulating Al Qaeda officers.

The Israeli-Russian agreement on the withdrawal of Iranian troops was never concluded because the Russian Defense Minister was opposed to it.

The Wall Street Journal has already shown the spotlight on Israel’s role on this conflict.

This financial daily made a comparison with Operation “Good Boundary” which Israel executed at the Lebanese border just before invading Lebanon in 1982.

Foreign Policy made no reference to this but this is because it explains support for the jihadists in Syria in terms of anti-Iranian rhetoric.

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