Violent US-British bombing on the Hodeidah and Saada governorates in Yemen


The Yemeni Ansar Allah group announced, at dawn on Monday, that the United States and Britain carried out bombing of the Hodeidah and Saada governorates with 15 air strikes.

The US-British aircraft also targeted in four raids on areas east of Saada Governorate (north).

Early Monday morning, the US Central Command announced that it had launched strikes on targets in Yemen within areas under the control of Ansar Allah, without specifying their locations.

Hodeidah Governorate is one of the most prominent governorates under the group’s control on the Red Sea coast, while Saada Governorate is the group’s main stronghold, and is linked to a land border with Saudi Arabia.

On Sunday morning, the Yemeni Ansar Allah group said that US-British warplanes attacked 6 Yemeni governorates under its control with 48 air strikes.

Centcom also announced, at dawn on Monday, the targeting of 5 cruise missiles in the possession of Ansar Allah in Yemen.

Centcom said in a statement, “On February 4, at approximately 5:30 am Sanaa time (2:30 GMT), the US Central Command carried out a self-defense strike against a Houthi cruise missile designated for the attack”.

According to the statement, “US warplanes struck 4 anti-ship cruise missiles that were prepared to target ships in the Red Sea”.

Centcom indicated that US forces identified the missiles in areas controlled by the Houthis in Yemen, and decided that they represented an imminent threat to US Navy ships and commercial ships in the region.

The US command explained that its attacks “will protect freedom of navigation and make international waters safer and more secure for US naval vessels and commercial vessels”.

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