US Senator calls for refunding the White Helmets

The Head of the House Committee of International Affairs Senator Ed Royce called on US. President Donald Trump to re-provide funding and financial assistance to the group of so-called «White Helmets» that is operating in opposition held areas.

Despite the large spread of information and clear video footages about the suspicious role that this group is playing behind the cover of provide rescue and medical care to civilians in areas, specifically in the province of Idlib, which is mainly under the control of terrorists extremist groups such as HTS (Formerly known as Al Nusra Front) the Syrian branch of Al Qaida.

Senator Royce call for re-provide funding the «White Helmets», comes after a decision that been made by Trump administration announced earlier this month to stop funding for «White Helmets» after the exposure of what it was doing in Syria, while the group acknowledged the continued receipt of funding from Turkey and Qatar, speaking of what as described as «new projects that have been signed and not announced yet about them».

Senator Royce stated, that «We can’t abandon the region and we must work with our partners and use all diplomatic means, including pressure and financial support, to help change the conditions on the ground in Syria».

This obviously is another move that refers to Washington’s association with the terrorist organizations used by the US as a tool in the implementation of their plans.

The White Helmets a group were founded in Turkey in 2013 with a clear British-American-Western funding.

The scope of their work in the places of control of terrorist groups has raised many question marks around it and its alleged humanitarian work, especially after much evidence that spread in several media outlets that showed its members who are militants in theses terrorist groups.

There are a lot of videos and images shows many of White Helmets members with machine guns and fighting on the ground under the banner of terrorist groups.

Many evidence was discovered in newly liberated Areas by the Syrian Army, as in Aleppo and recently in Eastern Ghouta that exposed the reality behind «White Helmets» Humanitarian activities which is a cover for mass fabrications and terror activities.

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