US Senator Bernie Sanders denounces Washington’s approval to sell weapons to Israel worth $2.5 billion


US Senator (Independent) Bernie Sanders denounced, on Saturday, the approval of the administration of President Joe Biden to sell weapons to Israel in light of its bombing of Gaza, without announcing this to public opinion.

Senator Sanders wrote on X, in response to the Washington Post’s news regarding the US administration’s approval of new arms shipments to Israel worth $2.5 billion.

The US Senator commented on this, saying, “The United States cannot beg Netanyahu not to bomb civilians, while at the same time sending thousands of bombs that would destroy cities”.

Sanders described the issue as disgusting, adding, “The partnership in crime must be stopped… No more bombs for Israel”.

On Friday, the Washington Post reported, citing US official sources, that the Biden administration had agreed to sell new warplanes and thousands of unguided bombs worth $2.5 billion to Israel, which continues its devastating war on the Gaza Strip.

The new weapons shipment to Israel includes 25 F-35 stealth warplanes and aircraft engines.
While some Democratic names in Congress criticize the US administration for sending weapons to Israel without notifying Congress, the Biden administration refers to Israel’s right to defend itself.

According to the memorandum published by Biden, last February, the US administration asked countries importing weapons from the United States, including Israel, to provide guarantees that they act in accordance with international law in their use.

According to a previous statement by the US State Department, Israel is waging war in accordance with international law, despite the spread of videos on the Internet of violations by the Israeli army.

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