US Secretary of Defense: The US army is facing a dangerous unrest


The US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, warned that his country’s forces are in danger due to the recent resignation of the army chief, leaving the two field combat forces of the army without two commanders approved by the Senate.

Austin said Friday that the Senate’s failure to confirm the appointment of the new chiefs of arms is crippling the Army and could affect relationships with allies and partners around the world.

He warned, “The failure to certify our highly qualified senior uniformed commanders undermines our military readiness and it undermines our retention of some of our best officers… It also upends the lives of many of their spouses, children and loved ones”.

It’s noteworthy that confirming the appointment of the commanders of the land and naval forces is among more than 300 nominations that were suspended by Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville, due to the Ministry of Defense’s policy of reimbursing travel costs for female soldiers who wish to have an abortion.

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