US presidential candidate Nikki Haley: the people in Gaza must leave for countries loyal to Hamas!


Nikki Haley, the potential Republican presidential candidate for the US presidency, has proposed settling Gaza residents in other countries, claiming that they are supporters of Hamas.

This came in an interview with Haley with ABC news, on Friday, in which she defended the idea of ​​settling Palestinians in other countries.

Haley, the Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential elections, said, “As I always say, the Palestinians in Gaza must cross the Rafah border into Egypt, and from there they go to countries that support Hamas, such as Qatar, Iran, and Türkiye”.

In response to ABC news question, about the possibility of settling Gazans in Qatar while they cannot cross to Egypt with their children, Haley claimed, “Why doesn’t Egypt accept them? Because they don’t know who is a terrorist and who isn’t”.

Haley also claimed that Arab countries are always taking precautions against the Iranian threat, and claimed that the world should talk to Türkiye, Iran and Qatar to help the Palestinians, instead of criticizing Israel for its attacks in Gaza.

It’s noteworthy that Israeli officials echoed statements about the displacement of more than two million Palestinians in Gaza to the Sinai Desert in Egypt.

The United States, in addition to European and Arab countries, announced its rejection of the forced displacement of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip abroad.

Israeli media previously reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is working to implement a voluntary migration plan for residents of the Gaza Strip to other countries.

Netanyahu’s statements came in response to a protest submitted by the Likud Party during a meeting held by the party bloc on Monday.

The Israel Hayom Daily newspaper quoted Netanyahu as saying, “Our problem is the countries that are ready to absorb refugees, and we are working to solve it”.

In conjunction with the start of the war on Gaza, Israeli intelligence revealed a secret document that included a plan to transfer the residents of Gaza to Sinai, as a first stop for later transfer to other countries, after the end of the war launched by Israel on the Gaza Strip in response to operation al Aqsa Flood carried out by Hamas on October 7.

While hundreds of thousands of residents of the northern and central Gaza Strip were displaced to the south to escape the bombing, Israeli raids and ground incursions affected camps and displacement areas, especially the city of Khan Yunis and Rafah.

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