US military resumes aid to Gaza through the floating dock


The US military announced Saturday evening that it had resumed the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gazans through a temporary pavement built by the United States on the coast of the enclave damaged by a storm at the end of May.

US Central Command Middle East (CENTCOM) said in a statement on X that on Saturday at around 10:30 local time (07:30 GMT) it had begun delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza’s shores… On Saturday, a total of about 492 tons of essential humanitarian aid was delivered to the people of Gaza,” adding that “no US military has set foot on shore in Gaza”.

In a second statement, CENTCOM said, “The humanitarian dock facility, including its equipment and personnel, wasn’t used in hostage rescue operations, Saturday in Gaza… The Israelis have used the area south of the facility to safely return the hostages to Israel… Any claim to the contrary is false… The makeshift pier on the Gaza coast was built for one specific purpose, which is to help transport additional life-saving aid that is much needed in the Gaza Strip”.

On Friday, the US military announced it had returned a floating dock intended for the entry of aid to the Gaza shore, after its structure was damaged by a storm and repaired at a nearby Israeli port.

CENTCOM said in a statement that it had succeeded in restoring the temporary pavement to Gaza, allowing the people of Gaza to continue to deliver much-needed humanitarian assistance.

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