Unknown rockets bombardment on a base US base in the largest gas field in eastern Syria


Unidentified persons launched a rockets attack on the US army base in the Koniko natural gas field.

According to local sources in Deir al Zour (Eastern Syria), a series of explosions were heard throughout the villages and towns in the vicinity of the Koniko natural gas field in the northern countryside of the province, resulting from a missile attack on the US military base that the US army is taking in the field.

The sources confirmed that three rockets were fired, at the US army inside its base, and hit their targets.

Immediately after the explosions were heard, the area surrounding the US base at the Koniko field witnessed a great alert for the US forces and the SDF militiamen.

In parallel, the US military flew its reconnaissance drones over the Koniko base and its surroundings.

The northern countryside of Deir al Zour has witnessed, in the recent period, large military build-ups by the US forces.

The Syrian Koniko field, which occupied by the US army, is the largest Syrian gas field 20 km north of Deir al Zour, and it contains a gas plant that was built in 2005 by contract between the Syrian Gas Company and the US KoniKo Phillips company.

The Koniko base is located near another illegal US base in the al Omar oil field, which is the largest Syrian oil field.

US army officers and soldiers are active in exporting stolen Syrian oil through the illegal crossings in eastern Syria, in preparation for selling it on black markets through Iraqi Kurdistan, while Syria in general suffers from a suffocating fuel crisis as a result of the economic blockade on the country.

The quantities of oil that are looted from the occupied Syrian fields per month are estimated at about 3 million barrels of raw materials extracted from the fields of the provinces of Hasakah, Raqqa and Deir al Zour.

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