Ukrainian forces attack a voting center in the Zaporizhia region while Russia launches 14 drones on Odessa


Russia launched 14 drones into Odessa overnight, damaging agricultural businesses and destroying buildings, the Southern Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said on Sunday.

“The fires were extinguished immediately,” the command said on the Telegram, “No people were hurt”.

The command added that 13 drones were destroyed over the Odessa region and one when flying near the Mykolaiv region.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether the damage was caused by falling drone debris or drones that weren’t shot down.

Vladimir Rogov, a local official appointed by Russia, also said that two Ukrainian drones attacked a voting center in the Russian-controlled part of the Ukrainian Zaporizhia region on Sunday.

He wrote on Telegram that the attack caused the building to catch fire, but didn’t result in any casualties.

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