Ukraine launches a major attack with suicide drones on the Crimean Peninsula


Russian air defense systems destroyed all 38 drones launched by Ukraine in the Crimean Peninsula early on Sunday, the Russian Defense Ministry said, after reports on Ukrainian and Russian social media of powerful explosions in the port of Feodosia.

The Russian Ministry of Defense didn’t mention whether there were any damages or losses in its statement on Telegram.

Russian officials in Crimea had previously said that road traffic near Feodosia had been severely disrupted.

Russian-appointed officials in Crimea wrote on Telegram that traffic on the bridge linking Crimea to mainland Russia was halted for two hours before resuming around 01:40 GMT.

Russian and Ukrainian social media reported residents of Feodosia that they heard strong explosions in the area of ​​the seaport and oil depot at around 2 am local time on Sunday (23:00 GMT on Saturday).

Moscow is using its Black Sea fleet to launch long-range strikes on Ukraine, but for Russian President Vladimir Putin, the waters connected to the Mediterranean are also an important starting point for projecting power in the Middle East and Europe.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that his forces succeeded in reducing Moscow’s military power in the Black Sea, which he said, with greater support from Kiev’s allies, could lead to his country’s eventual victory over Russia.

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