Ukraine is not in the priorities presented by the new US House Speaker


On Saturday, US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy outlined the House’s priorities without addressing US aid to Kiev and the Ukrainian crisis.

Among the main priorities identified by McCarthy is the fight against the illegal flow of immigrants across the border with Mexico in addition to the issue of competition with China, but the interesting thing is that McCarthy didn’t address the Ukrainian crisis.

Today, the head of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Russian State Duma, Leonid Slutsky, hoped that the election of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the US House of Representatives would give the Republicans an opportunity to influence the end of the Ukrainian crisis.

Earlier, lawmakers from both the Republican and Democratic parties pressed Democratic US President Joe Biden to act in order to deal with an expected wave of asylum seekers who will flock to the southern border when the deadline for work with restrictions related to Covid expires.

Last November, McCarthy said, “House Republicans won’t allow Washington to provide Ukraine with unlimited and uncertain financial aid”.

“We intend to enact bills to address our country’s pressing problems, from the wide-open southern border to energy policies that put America in the backseat,” he said.

McCarthy continued, “We’ll also address America’s long-term problems, such as public debt and the rise of the Chinese Communist Party, as for the Chinese Communist Party, we will set up a special bipartisan committee on China to see how to return the hundreds of thousands of jobs that went from the United States to China, and then we will win, this is an economic competition”.

The House of Representatives intends to consider the decision to establish a special committee for strategic competition between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party on January 10.

Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

The Republican leader’s victory came after 15 rounds of voting, and he received 216 votes in the last round, following arduous negotiations with a group of deputies supporting former President Donald Trump.

And after his loss in the previous rounds, McCarthy lured, last Thursday, his colleagues in the Republican Party, who oppose his candidacy for the presidency, by promising to provide them with support in the upcoming elections regarding the leadership of the legislative chamber, in exchange for making political concessions to him, so that he could win the presidency.

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