Türkiye reveals the reason why the perpetrators of the Moscow attack passed through its territory


A Turkish security official said on Monday that the Tajik militants who carried out the bloody attack in a suburb of Moscow last week entered Türkiye and spent a short period renewing their Russian residence permits, but turned to extremism while there.

The Turkish security official, who requested anonymity, added that no arrest warrants had been issued for the attackers, meaning they could have traveled freely between Türkiye and Russia and that they had lived in Moscow for a long time.

He also confirmed that two of the attackers left Türkiye for Moscow on the same flight on March 2, 2024.

It’s noteworthy that the bloody attack killed more than 143 people and injured dozens, and ISIS later claimed responsibility for it.

Russian authorities were able to arrest one of the suspects in the attack that targeted the Crocus City concert hall in Moscow, after he attempted to flee and hide in a forest in the Bryansk border province.

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