Türkiye: Israel faces serious problems following our decision to stop trade with it


Turkish Trade Minister Omar Bolat, said on Friday that Israel was suffering from economic difficulties following Ankara’s decision to stop trade with it.

He added during his participation in an event in Istanbul, that “everyone saw Israel’s brutal behavior in the region, its attacks on innocent people and its destruction of everything in the Gaza Strip”.

He noted that Israel’s reaching a new level of massacres and blocking Turkish humanitarian aid had prompted Ankara to reassess the situation.

He stressed that there have been no trade activities between Türkiye and Israel since May 2.

“After the Turkish decision, Israel suffered from serious problems such as increased inflation and the inability to find goods quickly,” he said, adding, “previously, it was possible to buy goods from Türkiye at economical prices and within one day, they (Israelis) saw how serious and determined Türkiye was”.

On May 2, Türkiye’s Trade Ministry announced a complete halt to trade with Israel until humanitarian aid is allowed into the Gaza Strip without restrictions.

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