Türkiye agrees to the withdrawal forces from Syrian territory under two conditions


Turkish decision-making circles informed the Russian mediator with the Syrian Government that Türkiye is ready, after the presidential elections, for the first time directly, to form a bilateral border security committee with Syria that will discuss a specific point, which is the withdrawal of the Turkish forces present in the Syrian depth to the international border demarcation lines.

The details considered that reaching this issue is a remarkable and major development in building Turkish-Syrian understandings in the next stage.

Turkish side require the withdrawal of several kilometers in the Syrian border areas, after their agreement to open the crossings, to sign a new security agreement that guarantees security understandings with the presence of Syrian manifestations of sovereignty in any geographical area from which the Turkish observation posts withdraw.

In order for the Türkiye to sign an agreement for the withdrawal of their security controls at the border, Moscow must guarantee any arrangement agreed upon here.

The Syrian side seems to be agreed to these restrictions, and a series of technical and security contacts began, but via Russia, to become bilateral and joint after the Turkish presidential elections.

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