Turkish Foreign Minister in uniform, we launched “spring of peace” operation to expel terrorists from our borders… we noticed the Syrian Government

Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Caveusoglu, stressed that Operation “spring of peace” was launched against terrorist targets in Syria within the framework of Turkey’s rights under international law.

This came in press statements, Wednesday, before leaving Algeria, which he paid an official visit.

He said that there is a terrorist organization is growing day by day near the Turkish border.

He pointed out that the ally of his country, the United States didn’t break ties with this organization despite all warnings.

He explained that Turkey, based on a US proposal, made sincere efforts to establish a safe area after the removal of terrorists from that region, but didn’t achieve the result of them, expressing regret about it.

The United States distracted Turkey and continued to support the terrorist organization, and Turkey launched Operation Spring Well on its own.

He stressed that the operation will clear the region of terrorists and ensure the unity of Syria’s borders and soil.

The Turkish minister said that the process will at the same time contribute to the return of migrants to their lands, and establish peace and stability in the region.

He added: “Of course, this is a matter of national security for us, our operation was launched within the framework of our rights stemming from international law, and as in previous operations, and we informed the Syrian Consulate in Turkey”.

In that connection, he referred to Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, which grants the right to legitimate self-defense, and to UN Security Council Resolution 2254 on counter-terrorism in Syria.

He also stressed that the Adana agreement, which everyone is talking about, allows Turkey to intervene unilaterally if the Syrian administration does nothing against the terrorists.

“Therefore, this is our right stemming from international law”.

He said that Turkey is moving according to international law in the light of all the facts, and has made the necessary communications to the concerned parties, on the “spring of peace”, as it did in the operations “olive branch” and “Shield of the Euphrates”.

In a letter of support to his country’s army, which began the military operation in northern Syria, Caveusoglu posted on his Instagram official account a picture of him in uniform.

Minister Caveusoglu enclosed his publication with a commentary in which he wrote a poetic verse of the famous Turkish poet Namik Kemal, from the poem «Song of the Homeland», which says: «the prestige of our ancestors known by the whole world, do not believe that instinct is changing .. These blood is the same blood.

On the other hand, and according to Syrian media, the Turkish army stops the artillery and aerial bombardment on the entire border and begins to remove a number of concrete blocks from the separation barrier on the border.

“The Turkish army, in cooperation with the Syrian National Army, launched Operation Spring of Peace against the YPG and ISIL in northern Syria”, Erdogan said in tweets on his official Twitter account.

This was the Turkish aircraft launched air strikes on the city of Ras Al Ain countryside in the northwestern province of Al Hasaka, according to Syrian state media.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Wednesday that the Turkish Foreign Ministry invited ambassadors of member states of the UN Security Council to notify them to start the process in Syria.

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