Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said that Ankara plans to establish a field coordination center in northern Syria, in cooperation with Damascus.

In statements made by Akar to a journalist about the Moscow quadripartite meeting, he considered that “it was very important, as a common understanding was reached at some points, and that the point of general consensus was greatly approached as a draft,” according to what was reported by the Turkish Milliyet newspaper website.

The Turkish Minister of Defense indicated, “it is planned to establish a field coordination center for activities in Syria, saying, “We have an idea to enhance mutual trust and take measures and field coordination for the activities that are there immediately instead of waiting for the ministers’ meeting only… We hope to implement this plan in the coming days”.

Akar expected that “this military diplomacy, which will begin in the field, will cause turmoil for the People’s Protection Units (YPG), which Ankara considers to be the arm of the PKK in Syria, and which is classified on the Turkish terrorist lists”.

On April 26, the Russian capital, Moscow, hosted a quartet meeting of the defense ministers of Syria, Russia, Iran and Türkiye, which didn’t result in executive steps to advance the path of normalization between Ankara and Damascus.

The quartet in Moscow, the concrete steps that can be taken to normalize relations between Ankara and Damascus.

Implementation of the agreement on the international M4 highway.

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