Turkey’s involvement in the Syrian Refugees crisis

The Refugees crisis that is overwhelming every aspect in the world today & occupy all major topics in all media around the world.

I’m not going in my article to describe or define the issue, but I want to refresh the memories of the readers regarding one of the most biggest human crisis the world have ever witnessed since the world war II, or that’s how some of the media & some journalists use to describe it.

Actually the world have witnessed several Refugees cases after world war II, but the world or should I say the «Media» didn’t pay close attention to it because they don’t want to or … let’s move on with our topic.

The current Refugees crisis started with the escalated Syrian crisis.

Whenever & however our opinion regarding what is happened & what is going on in Syria, we must realize that no matter what are our opinions there is a massive catastrophe there.

When the issue started in Syria, the majorities of the refugees that fled to Syria’s neighboring countries that are Lebanon 1.113 million (registered), Jordan 629.245 (registered) with assuming that 1.4 million are actually had entered Jordan since the crisis started, Iraq 249.463 most of them are Kurds.

There are also 132.375 in Egypt, with more than 7.6 million person are actually considered refugees are inside Syria.

But without a doubt the majorities from who fled from Syria went to Turkey with almost 2 Million (registered) but also the number in some sources reached 3 million.

What is the roll of Turkey and the government of Turkey is it really a just humanitarian with the spirit of Islam to help our brothers and sisters in our neighbor Syria from its dictator ‘s harshness and his brutal killing machine that destroy buildings and taking lives of his own people without any mercy just to keep his regime ruling in Syria.

Our Turkish President was best friend with Al Assad before this crisis, is he discover that Bashar is a killer and a criminal.

We knew that many refugees camps was already been set in many areas at the Syrian, Turkish borders even before anything happened, is that a mystery or the Turkish government knew that, this what’ll happened and that’s how things will escalate in Syria.

What Erdoğan will do if the Turkish people rise against him, maybe he’ll do the same.

Without a doubt the refugees card is one of the major pressure tool that Erdoğan is using against the EU to take maximum advantage over the EU and try to have everything under the threat of unleashing endless lines of people which will overtake Europe like a storm.

Millions and millions of refugees will enter Europe from turkey and the EU realizes that the negotiations with the Turkish government must reach the agreement to end this crisis.

Is it better for us all to think about the sources of the entire issue and try to solve it from its starting line rather than wasting time in dealing with the consequences.

There is a said that Europe is a smart place, who is that smart.

Sure is Erdoğan uses the Syria refugees crisis very well to serve his policy to take advantage inside and outside Turkey, but for how long this will stay?

Today he announced that the Turkish government will allow the Syrian refugees to apply for the Turkish citizenship, which is obvious reason to collect more voters to support his policies and keep hi rule for long time, because at least there are one million and half Syrians in Turkey, that I’m %100 confident and sure that the all wants to have the Turkish citizenship.

This announcement seems to be a Right word intended to void!

Our ethics sure is telling us to extend hands to help anyone and everyone needs help but in good will, without using their misery and necessity to serve a certain agenda.

What is the final word from the EU to Erdoğan especially after this blow of UK voted to be out from EU.
What is the End of the surfing and when the peace will come?

Deep down inside it time for Turkey to move along from join the EU which will never take place.

Maybe and this is a message for all, let us try to work to set peace in Syria and honestly, all these problems and all these crisis and pain will end.

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