Trump Wants to go out of Syria via bill pay by KSA

US president Donald Trump is looking for an exit strategy to leave Syria.

Trump has raised an idea for Saudi Arabia’s King Salman to speed up the US exit from Syria in return for paying Saudi money, according to a report at the Washington Post.

According to an article published on March 16, Trump had call with King Salman last December to speed up the termination of the US military presence in Syria, in return for $ 4 billion from the kingdom.

According to unnamed sources, Trump explained to King Salman and his son, Crown Prince Mohammed bim Salman, the amount needed to end US commitments in Syria.

The White House wants to get money from Saudi Arabia and other countries to help rebuild and stabilize the Syrian parts liberated by the US military and its local allies from a sympathetic organization.

The postwar goal is to prevent Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and his Russian and Iranian partners from gaining access to areas, Or return to it.

The Washington Post reported that the Saudis, whose crown prince will arrive in Washington on Monday for meetings with the US administration, are asking about the sudden amount!

According to the American newspaper, Trump, who «has always opposed the unequal division among members of the US-led coalition, is forcing members to pay the expensive post-war bill.

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