Trump: The FBI hid evidence of Biden receiving $5 million in bribes from Ukraine


The Former US President Donald Trump said that it was no coincidence that he indicted, on the same day it revealed that the FBI had hidden evidence that his successor, Joe Biden took a $5 million bribe from Ukraine.

Trump added during his speech to Republicans in the state of Georgia, Sunday, in his first public appearance since the issuance of the federal indictment against him, and his summons to appear for trial, next Tuesday, “I didn’t read anything about the Biden scandal, this could have been the biggest story in history”.

In his speech, the former US president also launched an attack on the Department of Justice, accusing the plaintiffs of waging a politically motivated campaign, with the aim of removing him from the White House.

Trump alleged that US President Joe Biden orchestrated the criminal charges in order to undermine the presidential campaign of his main political rival, as well as to distract from federal and congressional investigations into Biden’s son.

Trump said, “The absurd and baseless indictment by the unjust and armed Department of Justice in the Biden administration, like the most egregious abuses of power in the history of our country,” Trump said.

“American Justice” confirms that all its investigative decisions are taken without regard to partisan politics, while Biden stressed that he would not interfere in Trump’s investigation.

Former US President Donald Trump’s comments came a day after prosecutors unveiled a 37-count indictment against him, which includes allegations that he mishandled classified documents that contained some of the country’s most sensitive security secrets, after he left the White House in 2021.

It’s noteworthy that Trump, who intends to run for the upcoming US presidential elections for the next year 2024, appeared before the Manhattan Court in New York, on April 4, in a trial described as historic, as he is the first former US president to appear before the court and face criminal charges.

During his appearance in Manhattan court, Trump denied all charges against him, most of which relate to falsifying financial records and paying porno actress Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential campaign.

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