Trump declares trade war against the EU, Canada and Mexico

The economic war is still ongoing between Trump’s administration against the EU, Canada and Mexico.

The US President Donald Trump declared what can be described as a «trade war» on his Western allies, charging for iron, steel, aluminum and automotive products ranging from 15 to 25 %.

The European retaliation as current, by file a complaint to the International Trade Organization (WTO) and preparing a list of US goods that the EU intends to tax them as a retaliation.

The most recent response to this American provocation, came from Canada and Mexico, where the first imposed a fee of $ 12 billion as a first step on US exports, while the Mexican government threatened similar steps including all American goods that it imports without exception.

President Trump violates the laws of the International Trade Organization, all the treaties emanating from it, and the adoption of «protectionist» policies in application of his slogan «America First».

The reasons for Trump’s announcement of this war are still unclear, but observers say the US president is waging this «Economic terrorism» in order to achieve political goals, notably the EU’s stalemate and forcing it to adopt its decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran, Strongly.

Europeans now feel that the historic, commercial and security alliance between them and the United States of America is coming to an end under Trump’s current administration, which is moving towards East Asia, Japan, South Korea and China to a lesser extent as potential trade and security partners.

The Munich Security Conference, which is held annually in the presence of leaders and officials from around the world, warned in its annual report earlier this year of Trump’s policies leading the world to the brink of the abyss and called for a completely independent European security system from the United States.

The problem is that Trump deals with the European countries in an extreme patriarchal way, and wants to blackmail them financially, economically and security, as he did with the Arab Gulf states, but he makes a historic mistake in this regard and constitutes a strong opposition front led by France and Germany, And security with China, or Russia, as alternative options.

Many voices are emerging in Europe resembling Trump to Nazi German leader Adolf Hitler, warning of his economic wars and military adventures.

Their attitude appears to be closer to health.

The imposition of tariffs on European imports ignites the economic war and leads the world into chaos and instability.

Some analysts are describing Donald Trump and his actions, like a «raging bull» that hits right and left, willing to destroy the world if it’s not put an end to its recklessness, and this is the responsibility of the American people and its institutions first, and the rest of world as a second.

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