Trump: An evil entourage runs America instead of Biden


In his statement, former US President Donald Trump confirmed that the United States isn’t governed by the administration of current President Joe Biden, but rather is controlled by his evil entourage.

Trump added, during an interview with Sebastian Gorka, that he always raises the question about the extent of Biden’s leadership of the country, as he always seems absent, expressing his uncertainty as to whether he is the actual president of the country.

Trump explained that although Biden must approve decisions and inquire about the possibility of taking some action, he seems uninterested and agrees to everything without consideration.

According to Trump’s statements, the United States is controlled by “evil and smart” people surrounding Biden, while the current president simply wants to go back to bed as quickly as possible.

Trump confirmed that if he wins the US presidential elections, he will seek to resolve the Ukrainian conflict through negotiations, noting that he knows Russian President Vladimir Putin well, and has discussed the Ukraine issue with him several times in the past.

He also criticized Biden’s statements on the conflict, saying that he said the worst things and could have easily stopped them, but chose to say what contradicts logic.

In conclusion, Trump indicated that he believes he can achieve progress in resolving the Ukrainian conflict through negotiation with Putin and Zelensky, declaring his intention to work in this direction if he wins the upcoming elections.

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