Thousands of demonstrators in Tel Aviv are demanding the departure of the corrupt Netanyahu government and the return of the hostages


Thousands demonstrated on Saturday evening in Tel Aviv to demand the departure of the “corrupt” government of Benjamin Netanyahu and the healing of the wounds of “a country torn apart” by the shock of October 7, chanting, “Elections!” now!” and “Return the hostages!”

Politics and feelings were greatly intertwined in the demonstration, during which scathing slogans were raised against the Israeli Prime Minister, while the phrase “Return the hostages home!” was written on T-shirts and banners.

To date, 130 hostages, including 31 believed to be dead, are still being held in Gaza, according to Israeli authorities.

The crowd included men and women who were accustomed to the huge demonstrations that Israel had witnessed over the course of months to protest judicial reform wanted by Netanyahu.

Since then, the Hamas attack on Israel and the retaliatory war in Gaza have turned things upside down and deepened the anger and despair of the demonstrators in Tel Aviv.

Many protesters suggested that Nyanyahu, accused of fraud and corruption, would face justice if forced from power.

Some of them mentioned a report in which an Israeli investigation committee concluded that Netanyahu was held “personally responsible” for the deadly stampede that led to the death of 45 Jews who were making a pilgrimage to a religious site on Mount Meron in 2021.

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