The US Secretary of Defense admits: Israel killed more than 25,000 women and children in Gaza


US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin admitted that more than 25,000 Palestinian women and children were killed in the bloody war that Israel is waging in the Gaza Strip, after doubts lasted for several months about the numbers issued by the Ministry of Health in the besieged Strip.

When asked about the number of women and children killed in the war that has been going on for four months, Austin replied, “It’s more than 25 thousand”.

Austin stressed during a hearing before the Armed Services Committee of the US Congress, “Israel can and should do more to protect civilians in Gaza”.

During the same session, Austin indicated that Washington had sent about 21,000 precision-guided munitions to the Hebrew state since the outbreak of the war.

The US President and White House officials had previously questioned the validity of the information received from the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip.

On October 26, Biden said that he “doesn’t trust the accuracy of the death toll announced by the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip”.

Biden stated, “I have no idea that the Palestinians are telling the truth about the death toll,” referring to the Ministry of Health that operates in the Gaza Strip.

Commenting on Austin’s words, Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said, “Austin’s statement was based on the estimate of the Ministry of Health in Gaza, and he was referring to the total number of Palestinian deaths and not just women and children”.

Within just minutes, the Israeli army killed more than 100 Palestinians on Thursday after opening fire on them in the northern Gaza Strip.

He committed the “flour massacre” when hundreds of Palestinians were gathering to obtain aid in the al Rashid Street area in Gaza City, and opened fire on them, killing 104 and wounding more than 760, according to the Ministry of Health in the Strip.

World Health Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus called for an end to the horrific violence and suffering in the Gaza Strip, after the hysterical rise in the number of civilian deaths.

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