The US economic war is raging and escalating with China

The United States continues to impose customs duties on a large number of goods and goods imported from a number of countries in the world as it continues to press for what President Donald Trump said on better terms that support the US economic position in the world.

The United States announced on Thursday the introduction of new customs duties on Chinese products amidst a tumultuous trade war between Washington and Beijing, which has accelerated, according to US regulations that have been applied to a large number of countries such as the European Union, Canada, Mexico and Turkey.

The french agency “France Presse” said that, the new US fees tight on imported Chinese products worth 16 billion dollars entered into force, on Thursday.

Washington accuses Beijing of unfair trade practices, which the latter denied.

With this new package of tariffs, which could be followed by a new group in September of 200 billion dollars of Chinese products, that rise to 50 billion dollars the total value of Chinese imports subject to a fee of 25 percent.

Minutes after the Washington decision came into effect; Beijing announced a $ 16 billion charge on US imported products as respond to the American decision.

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