The US Chief of Staff says that the purpose of the US military presence in Syria is to eliminate ISIS!


The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Army, General Mark Milley, confirmed that the goal of the US military presence in Syria is to eliminate ISIS, praising the role of the Kurdish factions in fighting ISIS.

Gen. Mark Milley said in an interview with the Jordanian “Kingdom” channel, that the presence of the US forces in Syria, “The main function of these forces in Syria is the mission of combating ISIS”.

Milley noted that the remnants of ISIS are still present in Iraq and Syria in small groups, and added, “If We decided to withdraw suddenly, these small groups can reconstitute themselves”.

When asked whether the US forces would leave the Syrian territories immediately after the defeat of ISIS, he said, “This’s a political decision, this’s a decision taken by the political leadership, taken by the US president and the US government, I don’t want to predict a decision of this kind”.

General Milley praised what he described as the harmony alliance with the Kurdish factions and relations with Türkiye as well.

Milley said: “The situation could be difficult because Türkiye looks at the Democratic Front differently from us… We’ve a close relationship with Kurds and their leader, Mazloum Abdi, and he and his forces played a key role in Defeat the Islamic State.

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