The US Army enters a convoy of military equipment and communications towers to Hasakeh

The US forces entered a mechanized convoy loaded with logistical equipment and materials to support its illegal bases in the Syrian Al Hasakeh governorate.

Civil sources in Al Yarubia countryside, northeast of Al Hasakeh, confirmed to a correspondent of the Syrian “SANA” news agency that “a truck includes a truck that entered from Iraqi lands into the Syrian lands through the illegal Al Walid crossing carrying containers and armored vehicles in addition to three communication towers”.

And civil sources in the village of Al-Suwaidiyah, northeast of the governorate, indicated that “6 armored vehicles belonging to American forces entered from the village of Mahmudiya in Iraq, south of the illegal Al Walid crossing and went to the Syrian oil fields of Kirkuk controlled by the US army,” in violation of international law, according to the description of the agency itself.

On the other hand, the international coalition forces have deployed pieces of the Patriot air defense system in Deir Al Zour Governorate, in eastern Syria.

Local sources confirmed that the coalition forces stationed in the “Conoco” field east of Deir Al Zour expanded their base, which is considered the second largest in Syria, and annexed nearly a thousand acres of surrounding land and placed a fence of metal wire around it.

The sources added that during the past 48 hours, those forces had ended the deployment of three Patriot missile batteries, noting that they had also expanded the aviation base located near the field previously.

It is noteworthy that these moves coincide with the spread of reports that talk about the United States’ intention to remove Iran from the Syrian desert and cut the land route on it that runs from Iran to the Mediterranean coast in Lebanon via Syria and Iraq.

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