The United States strengthening its deployment and military readiness in the Middle East with additional forces


The United States announced on Saturday evening that it was strengthening its military readiness in the Middle East in light of the recent escalation by Iran and its proxy forces in the region.

The US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said in a statement that the THAAD anti-missile system and additional Patriot air defense batteries would be deployed across the region.

He continued, “I recently placed an additional number of forces on alert in preparation for deployment within the framework of a precautionary emergency plan, in order to increase their readiness and ability to respond quickly when needed”.

He added, “These measures will strengthen regional deterrence efforts, enhance the protection of US forces in the region, and contribute to the defense of Israel,” noting that he will continue to assess the needs of the US military apparatus in the region and consider deploying additional means if necessary.

Austin indicated that he made this decision after conversations with President Joe Biden, without clarifying the number of additional forces that will be deployed.

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