The United States is close to agreeing supply Ukraine with rockets armed with cluster bombs to strike the Russian interior


Four US officials said that the administration of US President Joe Biden is close to agreeing to supply Ukraine with a shipment of long-range missiles armed with cluster bombs, which would enable Kiev to cause significant damage deep into the territory occupied by Russia.

According to the US officials the success of cluster munitions in 155-millimeter artillery shells in the past few months, the United States is considering supplying Kiev with either military tactical ATACMS missile systems that capable to fly up to 306 kilometers, or a multiple-launch guided missile system that has a range of up to 306 kilometers to about 70 kilometers and loaded with cluster bombs, or both.

If approved, either option will be available for express shipping to Kiev.

Ukraine is currently armed with 155-millimeter artillery shells, which have a maximum range of about 29 kilometers and carry up to 48 small bombs.

The ATACMS system being considered could release about 300 or more small bombs.

The multiple-launch guided missile system, a copy of which Ukraine has had in its arsenal for months, is capable of dispersing about 404 cluster munitions.

And with signs of progress emerging in the Ukrainian campaign against Russian forces, the US administration is keen to support the Ukrainian army at a crucial moment.

The decision to supply Ukraine with the ATACMS system or the multiple launch guided missile system, or both, isn’t final and may not be achieved.

The Biden administration has been finding it difficult for months to make a decision regarding the ATACMS, for fear that sending them would be considered an overly aggressive step against Russia.

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