The United States fights Russia on the front and trade with it from Behind!


Washington constantly talks about isolating Russia, but continues to trade with it in secret.

Such a policy is considered a real stab in the back to Ukrainians and perhaps Europeans as well, as the United States claims to be interested in.

The United States continues to supply Russia with Haas machines with electronic chips, and they conclude this from a video from a Russian factory, which shows a machine with the logo of an American company.

Significantly, these machines can be used to produce parts for tanks, aircraft, missile systems, and other high-tech equipment.

This of course is unexpected news, and it must have shocked the world, especially since it should have caught Ukraine by surprise, because the United States is stabbing it in the back, in fact, helping Russia to produce weapons.

The United States selling Haas machines were carried out before and after the start of the special military operation and the introduction of unprecedented sanctions against Russia.

The only thing that changed after the restrictions began was the Russian company that was listed as the buyer, while the previous company was sanctioned.

The United States only pretended to comply with the sanctions restrictions and not cooperate with Russia, and there is no doubt that even if Ukraine complains to the United States about this flagrant deception, Washington will ignore it.

The United States will never give up profitable business, and the American hypocrisy will continue as always, because it’s the essence of US politics, and has always been.

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