The United States and Canada impose new sanctions on Belarus


The United States and Canada imposed new sanctions on Belarus on Wednesday, targeting a number of entities and individuals over accusations of human rights abuses and support for Russia in its war on Ukraine.

The US Treasury Department said it had designated eight individuals and five entities for financing the Belarus government.

“This measure targets several entities involved in the ongoing repression that the Belarusian regime continues practicing against civil society, complicity in the unjustified war of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, and in enriching the leader of the repressive regime in Belarus Alexander Lukashenko,” the statement added.

The Canadian government said in a separate statement on Wednesday that it imposed sanctions on nine individuals and seven entities, and that the list includes government officials, judges, the head of Belarusian state television, the Ministry of Defense, manufacturing companies and military technology.

The Treasury Department said the US sanctions issued against individuals and entities, including three state-owned companies, a director and a subsidiary of one of them.

It added that the sanctions also targeted four employees of a state agency in Belarus, three individuals facilitating sanctions evasion in support of Lukashenko’s government, and one aircraft that listed as prohibited property.

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