The Ukrainian government officially terminating all agreements signed with Syria with some are dated 20 years ago


The Ukrainian Cabinet announced its approval of a bill to terminate an intergovernmental agreement between Ukraine and Syria on economic and trade cooperation, and the government issued a decree stipulating that the bill be submitted to the Ukrainian parliament (Verkhovna Rada).

This decision came due to the Syrian position in support of Russia in its war that has been going on for a year.

Agreements were signed between Ukraine and Syria especially in trade, economic and technical cooperation are dated to April 2002, and the Ukrainian Parliament ratified it in February 2003.

The agreement provided for forms and means of cooperation such as the transfer of technologies and information, the establishment of joint ventures, and the provision of technical assistance to investment projects, in addition to significant facilitation with regard to customs duties, taxes and other fees applicable to imports and exports.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister’s office had already proposed this month to the Supreme Council to annul another agreement signed with Syria regarding commercial shipping.

Last September the Ukrainian government had annulled an agreement signed with Syria regarding air transport.

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