The Times: Who will replace Putin if he gone in some way?


The recent alleged assassination attempt on the Russian president Vladimir putin via drones that Moscow accused Ukraine and the United State for being responsible, a question of who might replace Putin in case he gone in some way?

Moreover, despite persistent rumors about his health condition, Russian President Vladimir Putin shows no sign of backing down, after 23 years in power.

Fresh waves of speculation about who might replace Putin returned to surface, as the Times published a report that discuss the issue of who will replace Putin and will his legacy continue after he gone?

According to the constitution, if the Russian president leaves or is no longer able to take over his duties, the proxy leadership will pass to the prime minister, Mikhail Mishustin, a technocrat with little charisma or influence, with presidential elections to be held within three months.

The Times newspaper says that if Putin leaves, his allies may retain enough influence to ensure that they bet on a sympathetic figure who would protect his legacy and protect his partners from prosecution.

This could be someone like Vyacheslav Volodin, 59, speaker of the State Duma, or Andrei Turchak, 47, head of the United Russia party.

In recent comments to The Times, Russian writer Mikhail Shishkin predicted chaos should Putin go.

According to the Times report, Prigozhin could appear on the stage, with the support of fighters, he might be a strong character in such a scenario.

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