The Times: Britain ignored exporting equipment to Russia despite the sanctions


The British government turns a blind eye to the use of local companies by detours to sell Russia equipment for extracting underground resources and fuel, despite the sanctions and talk of ending activity in Russia.

According to Times newspaper, based on commercial data it obtained, that despite the government’s rhetorical statements and its claim that these sanctions are the harshest economic sanctions imposed on the economy of a major country, it continues to allow British companies to export equipment necessary for the fossil fuel industries and mining in Russia.

As an example mentioned the construction company Hill & Smith, which said in its 2022 financial statements that it has no direct Russian customers or suppliers, but the export data indicates that one of the subsidiaries of Bergen Pipe Supports Private Limited (India) continues to supply a project North Pole 2 to liquefy natural gas, with pipe supports to secure gas pipelines.

Hill & Smith spokesperson said the company has no direct contact with customers in Russia, but didn’t offer official comment on its subsidiary’s business relationship with Russia.

The Times newspaper pointed out that other companies based in Britain can also provide Russia with the equipment needed to support the main extractive industries.

It’s known that the Arctic 2 LNG project is the second largest project for the Russian company Novatek, after the Yamal project.

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