The Times: Britain establishes a special committee to confront the Russian and Chinese espionage phenomenon


The Times reported that the British counterintelligence service, MI5, will establish a special committee to provide services to various British companies to help them confront the alleged Russian and Chinese espionage phenomenon.

The Times pointed out that this campaign by the British counterintelligence agency MI5 comes within the framework of the comprehensive and updated review campaign of British military doctrine, according to which a British national security protection body will be established, specialized in providing advice to various companies, universities and organizations, which are allegedly subject to espionage campaigns by Russian and Chinese, or potentially become a target.

The services that will be provided by the British counterintelligence agency MI5 include enabling companies to communicate with the agency to obtain advice on various dealings with Chinese companies, and commercial exchange with China in its various forms, and will also include recommendations on how to deal with companies such as “Hikvision”, and provide advice on operations Acquisitions in sectors of strategic importance.

According to the Times, the Chinese language study program will be expanded by British diplomats in the near future, and the BBC will receive 20 million pounds, with the aim of trying to save 47 institutions specializing in languages, which are threatened with closure as a result of budget cuts.

In the same context, a number of British officials stated that the new measures will contribute significantly to confronting the wave of disinformation directed by Russia and China.

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