The Time: Biden’s support for Israel will cost him the election


A report by the Time magazine said that the full support provided by President Joe Biden to Israel, despite its ongoing massacres in Gaza, may cause great harm to his electoral path.

The report added that indications are that Biden has lost significant support among Arab-American voters, progressive voters, as well as young people because of his handling of the war on Gaza and his full support for Israel.

The report explained that observers believe that continued US support for Israel, despite what it has been committing for months in the besieged Gaza Strip, may cost Biden support in the swing states that usually decide the electoral outcome.

The perception that the United States isn’t using all the tools at its disposal will have dire consequences not only for the Gaza Strip (the death toll alone is close to 30,000), but also for the foreign interests of the United States.

The report confirmed that Biden did a lot in favor of Israel, and he seemed firm in his position despite the warnings of those close to him, noting that Israel didn’t respond to this by responding to US requests regarding the course of the war on Gaza.

The report also stated that despite the United States’ influence over Israel, the Biden administration has so far proven that its “unable or unwilling” to exercise that influence, a fact that has not gone unnoticed either at home or abroad.

The Time added that pressure has increased on Washington to impose conditions on its ally Israel in exchange for providing aid, but so far this doesn’t appear to have been achieved.

The public statements of US officials about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, as well as the increase in civilian deaths, were not met with a change in Israel’s strategy, which is moving forward with its plan to storm Rafah, despite the White House’s warning about this.

Biden is trying to reduce the pressure exerted on him as the elections approach.

He has issued an executive order aimed at punishing settler violence, and drafted a memorandum demanding that allies who receive US aid present a reliable and credible plan that guarantees their commitment to international law.

The Time quoted Jonah Plank, a former foreign policy advisor to Biden during his time in the Senate, as saying that the tools to exert pressure on Israel exist, but the question is, will they be used?

In conclusion, with the elections approaching, it seems that the sand is moving inside the United States faster than the president’s initiatives.

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