The Telegraph: Is it possible to eliminate the Russian air force?


The Telegraph newspaper indicated that in early 2022, the Russian Air Force was the second or third most powerful air force in the world, after the US and perhaps Chinese Air Forces.

In reality, the Russian air force had serious, invisible shortcomings, including a lack of experience and major munitions and a rigid command structure.

This was demonstrated by the disappointing performance of the Russian Air Force in the first months of the large-scale war in Ukraine that began in February 2022.

As two years have passed, the Russian Aerospace Forces have undergone overdue reforms that should be completed years before.

The new Russian air force is now combat-hardened and well-armed with new, more flexible precision munitions than ever before.

This is evident from military operations in Ukraine, where Russian fighters are systematically bombing Ukrainian sites.

The main problems of the Russian Aerospace Forces were a shortage of long-range precision munitions and a lack of experience in their use, as well as a strict leadership that prevented pilots from using their skills effectively.

These problems became apparent a few days after the start of the war in Ukraine, when the Russian air force was flying sorties with impunity and dropping unguided bombs.

But then, Ukrainian air defenses organized and shot down several Russian war planes after acquiring new equipment.

After this obstruction, Russia’s aerospace forces began adopting new and more effective tactics, including the use of remotely piloted bombs and reducing the number of high-risk sorties.

The Telegraph concluded by emphasizing that continuing to supply Ukraine with major defensive weapons will contribute to the weakness of the Russian aerospace forces system and may make it unable to continue.

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