The Russian president criticizes the German Foreign Minister


Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, accusing her of being hostile to Russia and to Germany as well.

Putin said in a television interview that Baerbock, who belongs to the German Green Party, isn’t only hostile to Moscow, “but she is also hostile to her country,” referring to the policy pursued by her party in the field of energy.

Putin said that the Greens raise people’s fears about climate change, but “if they come to power thanks to this fear, they will follow a completely different policy, more energy is currently generated from coal in Germany”.

The Russian President added, “It’s difficult to imagine a politician of this stature acting with extreme disdain towards the economic interests of his country and its people”.

The German ruling coalition, which includes the Green Party, is looking for alternatives to Russian gas due to Moscow’s war against Kiev.

Baerbock on the other hand, doesn’t hide her criticism of Russia and supports strong European support for Ukraine.

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