The Russian army thwarts a new Ukrainian attack near Moscow shooting down 4 drones and announces the destruction of a reconnaissance boat in the Black Sea


Russian officials said early on Tuesday that the military had shot down four Ukrainian drones near Moscow and over the Bryansk region bordering Ukraine.

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that there were no casualties in the latest attack.

The Russian military shot down one of the drones over the city of Krasnogorsk, outside the capital, which hosts the Moscow region government.

Videos and photos from the site, published by the Russian media outlet Baza, showed shattered windows in a high-rise apartment building, debris on a sidewalk, and a car with a glass hole pierced in its roof.

The Russian Tass news agency reported that the airspace over the Russian capital was closed for a short time, and three major airports in Moscow suspended flights.

Kiev doesn’t directly claim responsibility for the drone attacks on Russian territory, which have increased in recent times.

“The Main Intelligence Directorate is working,” Andrei Yusov, a spokesman for Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate, told RBC-Ukraine news agency on Monday when asked about an earlier drone attack.

The Russian Ministry of Defense also announced that a Sukhoi fighter of the Russian army destroyed on Monday night a Ukrainian reconnaissance boat in the Black Sea.

“Tonight, the crew of a SU-30cm aircraft of the Black Sea Fleet destroyed a reconnaissance boat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​Russian gas production facilities in the Black Sea,” the Russian Ministry of Defense said on Telegram.

The statement didn’t reveal more details about the type of boat that was destroyed or the exact location.

Moscow has previously announced that it has thwarted a number of attacks with naval drones targeting Russian warships in the Black Sea.

On Thursday evening, ships belonging to the Russian fleet were targeted in an attack by Ukrainian naval drones, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

Attacks have escalated from both sides in the Black Sea since Russia withdrew from an agreement that allowed Ukrainian grain to be exported through safe passage.

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