The right wing in Sweden reveals its true face by gloating the victims of the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria


The right-wing parties in Europe expressed a gloating position about the earthquake that struck southern Türkiye and northwestern Syria, after the drawing launched by the French Charlie Hebdo magazine, which witnessed a great interaction in Sweden, in which it mocked what is happening and demanded that the afflicted be deprived of aid.

Activists said on social media that a hashtag launched by the far-right, to gloat about the earthquake in Türkiye, issued the most interactive phrases on the social media in Sweden, two days after the cartoon satirizing the earthquake for the French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The activists pointed out that the right-wingers used the phrase Karma to denote the catastrophe left by the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria, which has so far killed more than 20,000 people in the areas it struck in both countries.

According to the interaction counter, the number of participants in this hashtag, to attack Türkiye and ridicule the earthquake disaster, among the right-wingers in Sweden, reached more than 72 thousand tweets.

Among the tweets were calls for the withdrawal of humanitarian aid and depriving the afflicted of relief, due to Türkiye’s refusal to agree to Sweden’s accession to NATO, after Stockholm allowed them to burn the Quran.

Swedish writer, Ella Loving, commented on the local Expression website, commenting on the campaign of healing and racism against the victims in Türkiye: “The word Karma has become common on Twitter Sweden, this dehumanization has become a brutal thing.

She added, “I hardly recognize myself in this dark new land, and Karma has become, indicating that there are more than a few fools who rejoice in a humanitarian catastrophe”.

An unprecedented and inhuman campaigns were launched by right-wing extremists, despite the fact that there was disapproval from the general public opinion in Sweden.

The extremists in Europe are revealing their true colors, as the drawing published at the French Charlie Hebdo magazine, mocking the destruction in Türkiye, which in the end reflects the growth of the extreme right-wing current hostile to refugees and Muslims, and Türkiye.

In terms of relief work in Sweden, after the earthquake, there initial donations announced by the Swedish government were shocking and meager, compared to what NGOs and immigrants in Europe collected.

The controversial French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, sparked outrage after it published a cartoon, which tweeters described as hateful and gloating about the Türkiye earthquake, in which demolished buildings appeared with the phrase there is no need to send tanks.

Activists expressed their dissatisfaction with the magazine’s mockery of the catastrophe and tragedy in which more than 20,000 plus people were killed, and tens of thousands were injured as a result in Türkiye and Syria.

A spokesman for the Turkish presidency commented on the drawing, saying: “Modern barbarians… are drowning in hatred and hatred”.

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