The president of Abkhazia in a visit to Damascus

President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba arrived in Damascus for a four-day visit to meet with a number of Syrian officials.

The visit of the Abkhazian president to Damascus, which he will meet the Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, also take part in the opening of his country’s pavilion at the Damascus International Fair.

On May 29, the Syrian Foreign Ministry announced the agreement between Syria and Abkhazia to exchange recognition and establish diplomatic relations at the embassy level.

Last month, a delegation from the Republic of Abkhazia, including the envoy of the President of the Abkhazian Republic, Bartisets Konstantinovich, and the Abkhazian Foreign Minister Daur Kove.

The President of the Abkhazia, Raul Khajimba, said that strengthening relations with Syria and enriching them is a top priority of his country.

He said in an interview with the Russian newspaper Izvestiya: “The primary task today is to enrich the relation and reach for official agreement between Syria and Abkhazia with new content after Syria’s recent recognition of the independence of Abkhazia”.

Khajimba pointed out that Syria’s recognition of the sovereignty of Abkhazia is a bold and decisive step, pointing out that there are areas where Syria and Abkhazia can cooperate effectively in order to develop and enhance cooperation between the two countries, pointing out the need to carry out work aimed at bringing the Abkhaz diaspora closer to Syria from its historic homeland.

Syria is home to thousands of Syrian citizens of Abkhaz origin, most of whom are known as Abaza.

Their presence is now concentrated in the capital, Damascus, after most of them came from the villages of the Golan heights after its occupation by Israel in 1967.

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad met with Abkhazian president Raul Khajimba along with a high official delegation.

The two presidents held a session of expanded talks, during which the two sides asserted that this visit is the cornerstone for the development of bilateral relations up to the interests of the two countries and the two friendly peoples.

During the meeting, Syrian President Bashar Al Assad congratulated President Khajimba on the 10th anniversary of Abkhazia’s Independence Day.

The Syrian President said that the agreement of both sides in the political stances has to go altogether with activating and enhancing economic, social and cultural relations.

Assad pointed out that the agreements that will be signed during this visit constitute a basis for building strong relations on different levels.

For his part, President Khajimba thanked and appreciated Syria’s courageous resolution to recognize the sovereignty and independence of Abkhazia.

He reiterated its country’s solidarity with the Syrian people and its leadership in confronting terrorism to which the country is exposed.

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