The next move in the Syrian war is the South

After ending the northern Homs pocket, teleporting ISIS militant to the desert pocket of ISIS, emptying Damascus & country side, eyes are moving towards the new target.

It was known that the Southern Syria will be the next phase of the Syrian army.

By clearing the rest of the Province of Daraa and Quneitra in order to reach and open the Jordanian borders and the borders with the occupied Golan heights, with possibility for the return of the UNDOF, especially after Israel call for the return of the UNDOF to the border line.

A French researcher issued a warning and an advice to the rebels and all armed militants in both Daraa and Quneitra.

The French researcher Henri Rabicon said in an interview with France’s La Presse issuing a message to the rebels that «Surrender! They brought Bolava to blow you off the face of the earth».

«that all military indications indicate the start of the complex Syrian geopolitical battle, which will be a fierce battle to eliminate the extremist organizations in Daraa, Quneitra and all parts of the south to reach the border crossings with both Jordan and occupied Golan heights.

Henri said the battle was more than expected and that the fighting in Syria had not yet taken place.

In addition to the modern aviation and elite forces and armored corps of advanced connections to the Syrian coasts a number of naval force, warplanes and destroyers that can direct high-precision missiles…

»We can say today that the average Begger is no longer the soft NATO lake has attended the Russian force and is indicative of this presence of the nuclear submarine ” Yuri Dolgoruky, «who tested the 8000 kilometer long Bulava missile and a devastating destructive capability.

»I advise the insurgents to give in because it’s a big sign that Russia has made the decision to blow you out of the face of the earth”.

The battle of the south is important because it is the third border battle that the Syrian army wants to control after controlling the border with Lebanon and the border with Iraq.

It also unquestionably ends any Israeli attempt to create a buffer zone in the south.

The control of the province of Daraa in the event that happened will inevitably secure the province of Damascus, because of the proximity of Daraa from Damascus, and that any regional development or field may push the militants stationed there to attack Ghouta and Damascus again.

It worth mentioning that negotiations began yesterday between some tribal elders in the province of Daraa and the Syrian army officers and Russian delegation officers in order to spare the province fierce battles such as the battles in Damascus.

The settlement in case it got will be similar to the settlements in Eastern Ghouta and Homs to name a few, which all leads to the withdrawal of the militants to the north to Jarablus or Idlib while the Syrian army takes control of the entire two provinces.

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