The New York Times: The political rift in Israel harms the US interests


The New York Times stated, in an article published by the famous Thomas Friedman, that US should tell their Israeli counterparts that passing the judicial amendments without broad Israeli consensus will harm American interests, noting that this harm will come with all that entails.

Friedman called on US President Joe Biden to issue instructions for all his cabinet officials to contact their Israeli counterparts immediately.

Friedman called on the US President to extend a bridge urgently to save Israel from destruction from within, recalling the order of former US President Richard Nixon, which was issued to extend an air bridge to support the occupation with ammunition, with the Israeli army’s ammunition declining, in the Yom Kippur, 1973 war, when the armies of Egypt and Syria launched a surprise attack on Israel.

Friedman emphasized that Israel, after 55 years on the Nixon Bridge, needs another airlift to save it, and needs an urgent resupply of the hard facts.

He pointed out that if the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, continued to try to pass the judicial amendment bill, which would strip the Israeli Supreme Court of its most important legal powers, this would break the Israeli army, in addition to the vital interests of the United States, and not only undermine the common values ​​between the United States and Israel.

Addressing Biden, Friedman wrote, “What we need is for your Secretary of State, your Secretary of Defense, your Treasury Secretary, your Secretary of Commerce, your Secretary of Agriculture, your Trade Representative in the United States, your Attorney General, the Director of the CIA, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to call their Israeli counterparts today, and tell them that if Netanyahu goes forward without consensus, he will tear Israeli society and its army apart”.

He stressed that while the Knesset moves to vote on this issue, something very important could explode in Israel and in our relationship with it, stressing that once Israel disappears, it will never return.

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