The New York Times: How did Biden get to Kiev on his secret trip?


The New York Times revealed how US President Joe Biden arrived, Monday, in the Ukrainian capital, on a secret visit through which he seeks to confirm Washington’s support for Kiev, as the conflict with Ukraine approaches its second year on Monday.

The New York Times stated that Biden arrived after taking trains for hours, coming from the Polish border, as part of a secret visit that had not been announced before.

The New York Times wrote that Biden’s visit to Kiev in such circumstances confirms the United States’ determination to stand up to Russia.

This visit was kept secret for security reasons, according to US sources, as Biden left Washington without announcing the matter.

The US President moves exclusively through Air Force One, which has a high level of fortification, but his trip to Ukraine required him to take the train.

Biden left Washington for Poland, without announcing the matter, while he had gone out with his wife to have dinner outside the White House, in a step that is rarely taken.

Meanwhile, it was known from before that Biden would be in the Polish capital, Warsaw, on Tuesday morning, for a two-day visit.

US officials have repeatedly denied any intention to announce an upcoming visit by Biden to Kiev, while he is in Poland.

On Sunday evening, the White House published Biden’s program for Monday, and it was indicated that he would be in Washington, DC, on Monday, to leave in the evening for Poland.

In fact, Biden was away from the United States, flying to Poland in order to enter Ukraine, and then it turned out that the advertisement was seeking to divert attention from possible suspicions on the Russian side.

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