The New York Times: A pressure by US allies to include Ukraine in NATO


The NATO countries are putting pressure on the administration of US President Joe Biden to accelerate Ukraine’s accession to the NATO alliance.

According to the New York Times, some members of NATO are pressuring Joe Biden to expedite Ukraine’s inclusion in the alliance, while a discussion erupts among the members about supporting the fastest and safest path to Ukraine’s membership.

The New York Times indicates that Biden deals with this issue with caution, because he doesn’t want to involve NATO in a direct conflict with Moscow, in addition to the US President’s desire to prevent any defections within the alliance, as his slogan is embodied in preventing a third world war, while all Options for Ukraine to join NATO come at significant costs.

Likewise, the New York Times quoting some representatives of the Biden administration, that a number of members of the alliance consider it necessary to set a timetable and set specific goals for Ukraine’s entry into NATO, but only after the end of the conflict with Russia, as a number of member states want to NATO that the alliance should show its firm position regarding Ukraine’s accession to NATO during the alliance’s summit in Vilnius.

The New York Times indicated that Germany is taking a cautious stance on this issue, and some other countries express doubts about Ukraine’s willingness to join NATO.

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