The Malaysian Prime Minister told the German Chancellor: Why this hypocrisy?


The Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, created trend, after he, during press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, as he asked, “Why this hypocrisy, where did we cast our humanity?”

In a joint press conference with the German Chancellor, Ibrahim said that Malaysia’s foreign policy position “is very clear and has not changed, as it stands against colonialism, apartheid, ethnic cleansing and forced displacement in any country, in Ukraine or Gaza”.

While Scholz said, “We support Israel’s right to defend itself against Hamas,” Ibrahim responded, saying, “Why this hesitant and contradictory position towards one race and another? Where is your humanity?

The statement spread widely on social media, where Ibrahim’s position was praised and Scholz’s statement was condemned.

One person wrote, “Face to face! Why this hypocrisy, Counselor? Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim criticizes the German Chancellor regarding the suffering of Gaza and Germany’s support for Israel… He asks, Why this hypocrisy, Mr. Chancellor?

Another said, “Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim couldn’t tolerate the hypocrisy and rudeness of the German Chancellor, so he gave him the response he deserved”.

Another wrote, “Very sick to watch… an extraordinary rebuke of Schulz by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, while standing right next to him”.

One of them described Schulz’s statement as “stupid,” saying, “How stupid it is!! Does the criminal Zionist Israel’s defense of itself mean genocide, displacement, and turning the Gaza Strip into plowed land? Does this mean that America, Canada, and all European countries with their regular armies participate in all these inhumane crimes? Indeed, Hamas turned their noses at them and humiliated them!”

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