The Lancet drone… A cheap Russian weapon destroying equipment worth millions in Ukraine


With the Russian-Ukrainian war entering its seventeenth month, Russia is intensifying its use of low-cost suicide drones capable of destroying equipment that is several times more expensive than its value.

For months, Russian forces have used the Lancet drone, which has four wings and is becoming an increasing threat on the front lines, according to Ukrainian soldiers.

Soldiers from four different artillery crews confirmed that the Lancet was one of the main threats they faced on the battlefield.

They pointed out that the frequency of its use has increased greatly in recent months, adding that the Russian forces did not use it much before the spring.

According to an advisor to the Ukrainian Defense Minister, who acknowledged that Russia’s increasing use of the Lancet created many difficulties.

“Every day we shoot at least one or two of these drones, but we don’t always hit all of them,” he said.

Samuel Bendett, an analyst and researcher at the Center for a New American Security, explained that the Russian Ministry of Defense began encouraging an increase in the production of the Lancet as a cheap way to hit the expensive Western military equipment that given to Ukraine to carry out its counter-offensive.

Bendett also indicated that the cost of that aircraft is about 3 million rubles (about $35,000), while the lowest Western tank costs millions of dollars.

A single S300 missile costs at least hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to a number of locals.

The value of the Leopard 2 tank is several million dollars.

Ukraine, in turn, has also developed strong drone capabilities, long as a cost-effective way to strike Russian targets.

The Lancet drone is capable of carrying a relatively small amount of explosives ranging from 1.5-5 kg, but it’s capable of creating damage.

Although it’s less powerful than an artillery shell or most missiles, it’s capable of causing great damage!

While this Russian drones differs from the Iranian Shahid-136, which Russia also used on a large scale to strike targets in Ukraine, as the Shahid drone is pre-programmed to fly to a specific destination, while the Lancet directs during its flight.

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