The Italian Defense Minister stresses the necessity of finding a political solution to the Ukrainian crisis


Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto said that the Ukrainian crisis that has been going on for two years must be resolved through political means.

During his visit to the Italian unit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Poland, Crosetto added, “The war lasted nearly two years, and I believe that in parallel with military actions and support for Ukraine, it’s important to evaluate the paths that will lead to a political solution”.

He explained that what cannot be achieved through military means… can be achieved through the diplomatic front, and through political means to obtain results and reach peace.

According to Crosetto, we must return to what was before the war, noting that, “if it doesn’t work using weapons, we must try other methods”.

The Italian Defense Minister previously spoke about the possibility of reaching a political settlement to the Ukrainian conflict.

In addition, he stated earlier that Italy’s ability to provide military support to Ukraine has been almost completely exhausted.

In turn, Moscow has constantly announced its readiness to negotiate in order to reach a solution to the Ukrainian crisis, stressing that any solution must take into account the new reality on the ground.

Russia also expressed its rejection of the policy pursued by Western countries and its support for the Kiev with weapons, stressing that this will not contribute to resolving the crisis and will prolong its duration and lead to the further destruction of Ukraine.

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