The Israeli army talks regarding killing 3 of its prisoners by mistake: We’re deeply saddened and weren’t prepared for the scenario of our prisoners escaping


The Israeli army said on Saturday that it would learn from the incident where its forces killed 3 of its detainees in the Gaza Strip despite them raising white flags, noting that it wasn’t prepared for a scenario in which the detainees escaped.

This came during televised statements by Chief of Staff Herzi Halevy, the day after the Israeli army announced that its forces had “accidentally” killed three detainees held by the Hamas movement, during battles in the Shujaiya area, east of Gaza City.

A preliminary army investigation, the details of which were published by Israeli media, including the official broadcasting authority and Israeli Army Radio, revealed on Saturday that the soldiers acted in violation of open-fire instructions, and killed 3 Israeli detainees who were carrying a white flag in the Shujaiya neighborhood.

The investigation indicated that the Israeli soldiers acted in a manner contrary to opening fire instructions, adding that the three detainees left a building dozens of meters away from the Israeli forces present at the scene, while one of them was carrying a white flag.

Commenting on the incident, Halevy said, “We’re responsible for what happened, and we will do our best to prevent the recurrence of such cases in the future of fighting, and we didn’t succeed in this case… We feel deeply saddened by the death of the kidnappers”.

He added, “After days of intense fighting in Shujaiya, short-term confrontations and confrontations with terrorists wearing civilian clothes who arrive by various fraudulent means… We had to be alert and ready for any threat… A split-second decision could cost life or death”.

He stated, “The three kidnappers did everything to make us understand… They moved without shirts so that we wouldn’t suspect that they were carrying anything on their bodies, and they raised a white piece of cloth… Despite this, the hostages were shot in violation of the instructions that prohibit shooting those who raise the white flag”.

He added, “We completed a preliminary investigation into the incident quickly and immediately, which will allow us to learn lessons during the fighting and transfer them to the fighting forces in the field”.

He continued, “We informed the families of the difficult results and published them transparently to the public… There may be additional cases in which abductees escape or are abandoned during fighting, and it’s our duty and responsibility to rescue them alive”.

Halevy continued, “In one moment, the complexity of our war in Gaza was revealed… We went out to fight to dismantle the enemy across the border and return the kidnapped people; Without determined fighting, we won’t be able to bring them back”.

According to previous estimates by the Israeli Channel 12, the three prisoners whose deaths were declared erroneously on Friday, were able to escape from their captors, or were abandoned during the last days of their captivity, which was apparently close to the scene of the incident.

Palestinian factions in Gaza, previously announced the killing of a number of Israeli prisoners in their custody as a result of the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip since last October 7.

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