The Israeli army opens an urgent investigation into the failure to intercept Hezbollah’s missiles that struck the military command center in Safed


The Israeli Channel 12 revealed that the Israeli Air Force is investigating the reasons for the failure of its air defense system to intercept the missiles that struck the police station in the “Kiryat Shmona” settlement and the military base in Safed.

The Israeli channel saw that what it described as “the fatal strike that occurred in Safed,” on Wednesday morning, joins the direct strike that occurred, Tuesday, in Kiryat Shmona, targeting an Israeli police station, and other incidents, noting that the targeted area in Safed has with extensive protection, there are several strategic facilities.

Channel 12 reported that in recent weeks, a Hezbollah drone penetrated the Israeli defense system and struck the Northern Command headquarters, causing direct damage to it.

Channel 12 asked about the explanation for the direct hit, which was achieved despite the presence of a multi-layered air defense system, combining Iron Dome batteries, the David’s Sling system, Arrow batteries, and interceptor aircraft with the ability to deal with various threats, such as aircraft, cruise missiles, etc…

The channel concluded that the Israeli system, which is supposed to be quality and on a global level, didn’t achieve 100% success and protection.

Channel 12 indicated that Hezbollah possesses between 150 to 200 thousand missiles, with an average launching capacity of 1,500 missiles per day.

Among these missiles are heavy, short-range missiles of the “Burkan” type, with a warhead weighing half a ton, “Grad,” which has a range of 15 and 20 kilometers, and others such as the “Fajr 3 and 5” missiles, which have a range of 100 kilometers and more.

The channel’s report also talked about launches carried out with anti-tank missiles, such as the improved “Kornet” missile, or the Iranian “Almas” missile, which has a range of 8 to 10 kilometers.

According to channel 12, systems such as Iron Dome aren’t designed to deal with this type of missiles, considering that the picture in the north doesn’t change, and that Hezbollah allows itself to cross more red lines.

At least 10 missiles were launched from Lebanon, Wednesday, towards Israeli military targets in northern occupied Palestine, resulting in the death of an Israeli soldier and the occurrence of about 7 injuries, some of them serious.

The Israeli media pointed out that Hezbollah used precise missiles in the missile chain in the direction of Safad, stressing that “Iron Dome didn’t succeed in intercepting all of the missiles”.

The Israeli media said that the range of rocket firing this time was “wider than before,” as the operation indicates that there is “a gradual increase in the level of rocket firing by him,” stressing that “the event in the north today is known in Israel as the most dangerous since the outbreak of war on the border with Lebanon”.

“What happened in Safed we haven’t seen the likes of since the outbreak of the war,” noting that “there are no fortified places for 50% of the settlement population, as the sirens sounded a short while ago”.

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